Ornasoft experts analyze your Customer Relationship Management needs in order to define clear goals to be reached with the new CRM implementation. With the involvement of your management team our consultants define your "as is" process and create the final "to be" schemes which lay the basis for any future development. Ornasoft consulting experts have vast experience in CRM implementation for a number of industries and suggest changes keeping in mind, scalability and agility of the solution.


We're not all project managers, but we all work on projects. It doesn't matter if you're a certified project manager, or just trying to make sure your next initiative is a success; you still need a solution that's going to make life a lot easier – and more productive – for you and your team. You need Ornasoft work collaboration and project management solution.


Whether you are a small and expanding entity with no Human Resource Management department or a large organization with an overburdened Human Resource Management component, Ornasoft will assist in providing the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively and efficiently support the company's Human Resource Management function.


Consulting Services are provided to help you manage your projects and initiatives and to assure reliable and error-free software development releases for your applications.We offer a full-range of consulting services to assist you in making choices that are best for your organizational size, your budget, and your ability to use existing services within the your infrastructure.


Ornasoft gives the facility of ERP to the clients. We will be your partners providing you constant support and maintenance to the ERP solution tailored for you. Also, we will provide you with more solutions for the entire ERP development and implementation life cycle. We are aware that ERP solutions cost a lot, and we not only have good expertise but also have a good planning to minimize the costly risks in ERP implementation.


We’re at the point now where most businesses have websites. But we are also at the point where a lot of those websites are old. If your own website is old, do you need it completely rebuilt? Or can you salvage it with a little work?.The worst things about older websites are obsolete search engine optimization (SEO), and old design that makes site visitors think your site has been neglected. Other important issues are a lack of contact forms (VERY important) and social media. Here’s what you’ll need to do just contact us.


Ornasoft gives the powerful query analytics service. We provide analysis service for query , report and dashboard design, and cube-browsing.We will help you to create queries, as well as highly complex reports, charts, and dashboards from multiple enterprise information sources.Also to browse data in cubes and other multidimensional sources, such as Oracle Essbase, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and the SAP Business Information Warehouse.


Ornasoft uses sophisticated rule- and cost-based query-optimization strategies that examine the plan of each query, and then automatically creates a plan that optimizes processing and performance, with minimum overhead.We uses query optimization techniques ensure high performance such us SQL Pushdown , Parallel Processing , Distributed Joins , Caching , Advanced Query Optimization , Optimize the Network and the Database.


Ornasoft is known for its contemporary style, unmatched customer services and full online support.Our process starts with understanding our customers’ needs and the very industry we serve. We take pride in our planning and research phase as it sets the ground for the entire process. The SEO and design plans are then implemented around these findings, along with the continued communication with our customers.

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